Marginalia hero -- it is an arcade game with RPG elements in medieval marginalia setting ( strange and weird drawings from illuminated manuscripts). You are about to fight creatures and monsters, which were really painted by medieval artists about 5 centuries ago.

Key features:

  • unique looking graphics style
  • addictive and challenging gameplay
  • 70+ items for customization and upgrading
  • 200 levels with strange and weird medieval creatures
  • one finger control
  • atmospheric medieval background music
  • heroic challenges and bossfight levels

Also available on


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Hey guys, had this artstyle in mind for a while, though with different game mechanics, so I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who digs these insane paintings!

I downloaded the android version of the game, and I must say I quite like even the monetization scheme, I watched plenty of ads to have double, BUT! even though it still disrupts my play with timed ads. Is there a way you can patch it around? Like to check whether the player is watching ads on his own so you don't have to disturb their session with timed ones? I think that it would be fair. I know monetization is very important, but I felt you were pretty close to optimal until the forced ad stroke me even though I watched a lot of ads previously, which didn't make me very happy to be honest ;)

Thank you for considering this feedback and possibly for your reply in advance!

Keep up the good work! :)


Exactly the kind of game that should be made.

The difficulty level and type by the way is comparable to some scientifically tested mental exercise games I have tried.

The game is very smooth, with high quality graphics. Two other very good games I have played that had high quality graphics that worked surprisingly well also suggested Russian influence. What game-making programs do they use in Russia? I want to use them...

I have gotten to level 120 so far, though I have also used up my rye bread.

By the way, I see you have a Gothic style Cyrillic font for the Russian: would people who read Cyrillic be able to read it easily, or at least as easily as people who read Latin characters would be able to read the Gothic versions of them?

I was wanting to make a Gothic style Cyrillic font myself, and was wondering if anyone would be able to read it. I love the Cyrillic script.

Very charming game, came across it in Twitter mentions. How did you get the game to save in the browser version? 

no ios ?

currently no :(

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Hi! At lvl 80 boss fight, I stopped making any Accurate Attacks at all after a second attempt. Also, Sancho stopped producing coin. Is this some sort of a bug or was it an idea to do it that way? I hoped to farm some coin off him and that was upsetting, I mean it's OK if the game would make some sot of mention that I made the two-headed king go bankrupt and he can't provide any more coin, but without it, this seems more like a bug)

And yes, the game is lovely, I'm crying out loud for every marginalia, and I loved the rabbits (they have a meme status in Russia, at least) and I wanted to note that the marginalias are of a great quality. Do you plan to add something like a gallery or a replay option? Did you clean those up or took all of the pics from some research site?

yep, earning coins is limited by some value on each level. And the idea to mention a player after it happened is really good. Thanks :)

I'll think about a gallery, but for now there is a lot of things to do first. All character pics were taken from different illuminated manuscripts all over the internet.

Thanks for the feedback!


You're welcome, I love it! I only think that for an FTP game it's strange to have a hard earnings cap. I mean, yeah, it's medieval and medieval is all about suffering and all, but that takes some part of the reward (for being a lazy, farming smartass munchkin, no less) from me.  Also, I always have an issue with finite resources, it's like the Most Awesome Weapon trope, when you carry around something really cool and never use it until the last boss, in case you need it later.

The marginalias look awesome, as if they were professionally edited from the manuscripts, they are all the same size and quality, a superb job.

Thanks for the game again, it's very nice!

i got you!

Thanks again. Your feedback is also very nice :)


So cute! Did you compose the music?

Thanks! As stated in the credits screen (menu -- properties -- "i" button) the music is by Kevin MacLeod.


Nice simple game!  I made it past level 40.


The art style is lovely, and very unique! The gameplay is fine, but I think if you ran with this style in some different genres you could make something really special!

Thanks for your feedback!

Yup, I'll try :D